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SPIN Macro Pad Kit

What is it?

The SPIN Macro Pad is an external keypad that is made to help with workflows where you want analog control, such as photo or video editing, or for those who just want to mess with encoders!

This is my first big project and it was heavily inspired by both u/hsgwchan‘s Plaid and u/The_Royal’s RoMac. I wanted to make the encoders a key part of the design, and highlight the surface mount components that typically end up hidden.

If you would like a case for this kit, head on over to P3D Store who is producing some!

There is also a great 3D printable case here by community member Extra Fox!


  • USB-C connectivity
  • Powered by QMK Firmware
  • 12 Kailh Cherry-MX hotswap sockets
  • Three rotary encoders with high quality aluminum knobs
  • All SMD components pre-soldered. Just solder sockets, encoders, and board connector.
  • Three zone RGB underglow
  • Prototyping area with unused pins broken out
  • Support for the addition of a 0.91″ I2C OLED 

Included in kit

  • Top and Bottom PCBs, SMD parts pre-soldered.
  • 6x m2.5 6mm female-female standoffs
  • 2x m2.5 6mm male-female standoffs
  • 12x m2.5 screws
  • 2mm acrylic protective plate
  • 3x 17mm machined aluminum knobs
  • 3x EC12 rotary encoders (smooth turn, pushbutton). Not pre-soldered.
  • 1x Male and 1x Female 3 pin header to connect Top/Bottom PCBs. Not pre-soldered.
  • 12x Kailh Cherry-MX hotswap sockets. Not pre-soldered. 

Not included

  • Keycaps and switches (switches must be 5-pin PCB mount style if using sockets since there is no plate)