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ROTR – Extra Knob – Group Buy


Add this to your cart for an extra ROTR Knob!


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NOTE: DO NOT Basket any other store items – your order will be cancelled and refunded. Only basket ROTR and ROTR Knobs for your GB order. 




The ROTR / ROTR LITE does not come with keycaps, key switches or usb cable.

Photos and renders may differ slightly from the real product.

Please be aware that Brass and Copper Knobs have a sandblasted texture finish, but are intentionally left uncoated, in order to allow the material to develop a patina over time.

You can preserve the condition of the brass / copper knob with varying degrees of patination by coating it with clear lacquer.

Please view the following link for some examples:

Additional information

Knob Colour

ALU Silver, ALU Black, Copper, Brass