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60% DIY Kit

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Mix and match your exact build!

Our 60% DIY Mechanical Keyboard Kit includes options for Case, PCB, Plate, Stabilisers, Switches, & Keycaps. 

1 review for 60% DIY Kit

  1. George Crombie (verified owner)

    Great kit for a beginner, has everything you need to get started and is impossible to screw up.

    My only complaints are that with the “60% plastic case” that I chose I either screwed up sticking the feet to the case or they are simply wonky, either way it has a wobble that I can’t get rid of. I do have my keyboard on top of a microfibre cloth with helps with the wobble and makes the keys sound just a bit better.

    The “Genuine cherry stabilizers (PCB mount)” that I chose sounded horrible and made my space bar sound like a machine gun. Use silicone grease, clip and band-aid mod as per Nathan Kim’s guide and they sound fantastic. When I try pull a key cap off of any stabilized keys the stabilizer almost always comes loose or sometimes even worse the wire comes loose so I recommend a screw in type stabilizer, worth the extra money.

    Lastly, if you choose the HS60 hot swap PCB (I highly recommend, it’s great) get a switch puller, it will make everything just a bit easier once you inevitably choose a new set of switches, and will stop you from breaking your switches with a screwdriver like a caveman.

    From order to arrival to Ireland it took 3 weeks and two days, I was expecting earlier but no doubt that this had more to do with Royal Mail/GLS being shite.

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