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Assembly Service


Basket the respective service with your kit to get it built by one of our community builders or in-house team! Please read the details below.




2-4 week lead time. Usually re-stocked monthly.

All boards built will be flashed with a default layout and fully tested.

Please be sure your order includes all items/components to complete your build as required.

If you don’t order switches, some builds require case assembly by the customer (some cases cannot be built up without switches available).

Keycaps are left to be installed by the customer so can be arranged at their preference.


Assembly proceeds go straight to the builder, £2.50 is added to cover internal shipping costs.


If you require work outside the standard build (mill max etc) please contact us before you place your order as it may require additional assembly costs. 

Orders where the assembly type does not match the kit will be canceled.


We are unable to give refunds for the cost of assembly once a build has been started. 
Due to the nature of hand-soldered PCB work, it can be very sensitive to knocks and drops in the post. (although we package it up best we can)

*Please be aware it’s extremely difficult and expensive to provide repairs/support for overseas customers in the event there is an issue with a build*

Additional information

Kit Type

Romac Macro Pad, PocketType, ISO Pad, MBUK Macro Pad, Sofle, NIbble 65%, Gherkin, Discipline, CFTKB Mysterium (V1), Helix Basic, Helix Hotswap, Iris, Plaid, UT47.2, Lets Split, Sesame Kit, Numpad Kit, Reviung41, ErgoTravel, Quefrency Kit, ai03 Soyuz Numpad, Helidox Light, Helidox Basic, Helidox Hotswap, Lily58 Basic, Lily58 Hotswap


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