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Helidox Light 2.0 (Corne) PCB Kit


Want a simple split keyboard build? This is the Corne Light V2.


All the ergonomics of the original Corne keyboard, but with a simple, versatile PCB.


Lots of switch compatibility- no RGB.


See below for details.



This is the Corne Light V2 kit- for those who don’t want RGB, or want to use some more unusual switches!

You can snap the ends off to convert from 42 keys to 36 keys.

Compatible switches (soldered only- this is not a hotswap board):

  • Kailh Choc V1
  • Kailh Choc V2
  • Alps/Matias
  • MX

Kit includes:

  • PCB set
  • Through hole diodes
  • TRRS jacks
  • Reset buttons
  • Basic TRRS cable
  • OLED screens

Not included:

  • Two microcontrollers
  • 36-42 switches
  • Case
  • USB cable

Build guide TBC!

Additional information

PCB Colour

Black PCB, White PCB