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RoMac Macro Pad

(2 customer reviews)


The RoMac is a “Plaid” Keyboard Inspired Macropad intended for use alongside the Plaid or any other keyboard, or just by itself! Created by

THIS IS NOT THE ROMAC+ – you will need to go to to purchase.



• MX/MX Clone Switches (PCB Mount ONLY)

• Kailh Low-Profile “Choc” Switches

• ALPS/ALPS Clone Switches – (Requires Top Switch Plate for alignment of switches. Not Included)

-“Hot-Swap” Micro Controller.

  • No soldering required for the main controller. Press Fit in and clack away!

-Fully Supported/Powered By QMK Firmware

Each RoMac Macropad Kit Includes:

• x1 RoMac PCB

• x1 RoMac Bottom Plate

• x1 Clear 3mm Acrylic Cover Plate

• x15 Through-Hole Diodes

• x1 Reset Switch

• x4 M2 6mm Spacers (Female)

• x2 M2 8mm Standoffs (Female)

• x8 M2 Screws

• x4 Rubber Bumpon “Feet”


2 reviews for RoMac Macro Pad

  1. Kurt Edwards (verified owner)

    This was my first go at a diy kit and my toe dip into the keeb world! i do use a mechanical board and have done for some time but i really wanted to build something with a choice of my own switches and caps and this is a great way to do it! while my soldering isnt up to par with most people i managed to get it working following the online guide no problems a few switches might not be perfectly straight but i did pick switches that didnt feature feet to old them in place! i highly recommend this to anyone starter or experienced its super user friendly and the service i got from mechboards was above and beyond! i am planning to buy a gherkin board for my next project!

  2. darday1984 (verified owner)

    got my kit recently and really enjoyed putting it together. This was my first time making a board of any sort so followed the guide very closely which was very clear and easy. Everything went together well, and programming the board was relatively easy after carefully reading the QMK site. The only issue I had was with the reset switch not properly working but this is probably more my fault and my absolute beginner level soldering skillz. Still, it was fun and will be looking at getting a split keyboard now I’m a soldering Grand Master. 😀

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