Usually, controllers and keyboards are completely different things. Certainly the idea that the technology of a controller could be put into a keyboard appears ludicrous, yet fascinating at the same time. The Wooting One from Wooting who describe themselves as ‘three guys from the Netherlands who love mechanical keyboards’ enables that dream to turn into reality.

The Wooting One uses analog technology to enable the user to control how much input you put into a game. A controller’s thumbsticks provide more than ‘on/off’ input, allowing you to be more free in your control of the car/person, whatever it may be. The Wooting One allows you to be precise with your movements, unlike the normal ‘on/off’ movements in other mechanical boards. Moreover, the Wooting One is customisable, meaning you can change the switches, the keycaps and even the top piece itself. It also features two types of switches known as ‘Flaretech’ switches that have an MX stem and appear very similar to MX Reds and Blues in general. One of the only differences I could see was the actuation force in higher in both switches than MX Reds (55cN as opposed to 45cN in MX Reds).

Moreover, the Wooting One looks sleek in its design. With a tenkeyless design, it is smaller for convenience and features a detachable Micro USb cable and fully programmable RGB back lighting that can be specific to each key.

Overall, the Wooting One looks fantastic and I hope that soon I might be able to get my hands on one to review. 🙂