The TT ESPORTS MEKA G1 KB-MEG005UK Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is one of the first Cherry Black Switches mechanical keyboard that I have had the pleasure to use, and I have to say I am very much enjoying the experience. The balance between the resistance of each key and the responsiveness is near perfect for touch typists and gamers.

This mechanical keyboard also comes with two USB ports on it’s right hand side which are incredibly useful, especially if you are someone who likes to use a wireless mouse. Having the receiver right next to the mouse will increase the responsiveness to a level where I might actually consider using a wireless mouse myself.

The design of the keyboard is also interesting. It has somehow managed to be very nice to look at while being built like a tank. The body of the keyboard is very bulky and weighty, which actually enables it to grip down on the desk making it very sturdy and unlikely to move about when you least want it, which to me is a very nice bonus. The detachable palm rest also provides some added comfort, but obviously with it being detachable is easily removed for those who do not want it.

This is a very well thought out keyboard. Although it is designed for gamers, the high levels of comfort, quality and functionality of this keyboard make it good for anyone who spends many hours typing.