Mechboards UK are proud to announce that we are giving away a CHERRY MX Board 6.0 soon! The CHERRY MX Board 6.0 is the premier keyboard made by CHERRY and features both full 104 N-Key rollover and anti- ghosting, meaning that all of the keys can be pushed down at once and they will all come up on the screen.

The MX 6.0 also comes in a sturdy aluminium casing that is finger mark resistant and avoids any nasty marks. Also present is a magnetic wrist-rest that clips nicely into place and is very grippy too. The board itself comes complete with the flagship CHERRY MX Red key-switch with an actuation force of 45 cN, or 45g of force to push the switch down.

The MX Board 6.0 is present with only red colour backlighting, thanks to a small red coloured LED being placed above the key-switch. The exceptions to this are the Caps Lock key, the Num Lock key, the Scroll lock key, the Windows keys and the Function (FN) key, When enabled, these will glow a bright blue colour. Much like that of the Cherry MX Board 3.0, the MX Board 6.0 has the ability to disable the Windows Keys. Instead of one of the multimedia keys being pressed along with the Ctrl key, there is a special key cap with the CHERRY logo clearly marked on it. The MX Board 6.0 does feature 100 different levels of backlighting, which can be controlled via the keys from F5 to F9. The F5 & F6 keys enables the user to control the backlighting by one level, the F7 & F8 keys control the level by 10, and the F9 key turns the backlighting on and off. Adjacent to the CHERRY key are three multimedia keys, a rewind button, a play/pause button and a fast forward button. Also, the keys from F1 to F3 control sound levels: F1 mutes the sound, F2 decreases the volume level and F3 increases the volume level. All of the ‘F key’ functions work via the keys being pressed along with the blue lit ‘Fn’ key.

This keyboard is a wonderful bit of kit and I’m sure one of you guys out there will be very happy to receive it!

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Deadline has passed!

Giveaway deadline is January 31st, 23:59 GMT. Worldwide Delivery. Winner will be picked from Genuine Twitter users. Stay tuned for more giveaways!