There are tonnes of gaming keyboards that use mechanical switches. The mechanical keyboard trend has been going on strong for the past few years. However, playing games specifically with the keyboard that needs precise inputs (think racing games, Minecraft(to a degree)) is very hard. Controllers where thumbsticks provide more than on or off input is definitely easier. Although, this may change.

This keyboard has been described as an analog mechanical keyboard as it’s taken the analog sticks found on gaming controllers, which has more than 1 input level, and included it within the keystroke. The keyboard can sense sense how hard you are pressing down, and it will be able to move your character on the screen, or turn your car, at the exact degree you specify.

“You can immediately use it in games to precisely control your movement speed and turns.”

So for example if you’re playing a racing game with the keyboard, tapping the keys gently will see your car steer itself gently, versus the jagged and jerky movements you might normally have to deal with. Check the video below that describes what the keyboard can achieve.

Besides that quirk which does make it, undoubtedly a game changer, the keyboard is very sleek in design. It is a TKL, RGB backlit keyboard that includes detachable cable and FN layers.

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