Today we are reviewing a much cheaper mechanical keyboard, and one that does not use the MX switches from Cherry. However as you shall soon learn, there is no reason to count this keyboard out just because it is different! In fact it was a nice surprise.

As I have already said, this keyboard is cheap. At around £37 it is by far the cheapest brand name mechanical keyboard we have ever reviewed. One of the ways to manages to be so cheap is by not using the popular Cherry MX switches, and instead choosing to use mechanical switches from Kailh. Although not as well known as the Cherry switches, they are still very good quality and definitely get the job done.

The Zalman ZM-K500 is a very good looking keyboard for how plain it is and comes in a nice reduces size that is handy for traveling. However you do not get a wrist rest and there is no backslash or pipe key (although you can use key mapping to still access the commands).

It is as function as any compact and ergonomically designed keyboard, but also comes with 5 multimedia keys to help increase the functionality a little bit.

For the price, this is a very good keyboard. It is certainly not going to blow anyone away and is probably not as durable as the more expensive products out there, but if you are looking for a cheap way to get into the world of mechanical keyboards, this little mechboard is a very good place to start.