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Hyper7 PCB Extras

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This page is only for people wanting to order the Hyper7 PCB on its own.  Go Here for the full Hyper7 GroupBuy.

Classic Layout

The classic layout is the same layout as the previous versions of the Hyper7. Featuring a uniform 0.5 column stagger and a split spacebar. Please note that the uniform stagger can be difficult to get used to as it is shifted by 0.25 compared to a standard keyboard.

Modern Layout

The modern layout is a new updated layout with some changes made based on feedback. The core of the keyboard now features a standard column stagger, making it much easier to use. Although this does mean changes to the length of the modifier keys that encase the core of the board. Instead of being all 1.5u, some are now 1.25 or 1.75u. It also features a 7u spacebar that was heavily requested.