Royal Kludge

Royal Kludge RK61
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Royal Kludge RK100
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Royal Kludge RK84
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Royal Kludge RK87
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Royal Kludge, sometimes known as RK Gaming focus on providing high quality entry level keyboards bringing many of the premium features to the budget category. Features like wireless connectivity hotswap PCBs, LEDs, factory lubed stabilisers and more.

Royal Kludge provide a range of keyboards of many sizes with many switch and keycap variations. Including:

The Royal Kludge 61 - A 60% wireless compact keyboard.
The Royal Kludge 71 - An extended 65% wireless keyboard
The Royal Kludge 84 - A 75% wireless keyboard.
The Royal Kludge 87 - A TKL keyboard without numpad.
The Royal Kludge 100 - A compact 96% with full numpad.

As RK Gaming continue to grow so does their range. Keep an eye out for their new products!