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The Mark: 65 - GB Extras

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Mark: 65 Group Buy Extras. To complete a Mark: 65 build you will need:

  • Case
  • Plate
  • Rear Piece (0 or 5 Degrees)
  • PCB

● Machined aluminum and polycarbonate
● Gasket mounted plate
● Fully assembled SMT hot swap PCB (black)
● Split space compatible (2.25U, 1.25U, 2.75U) (optional, 6.25U otherwise)
● ISO/ANSI compatible
● Split shift
● Split backspace
● (3) 1U or (2) 1.5U right of spacebar
● 5° tilt (optional/extra)
● RGB Underglow
● QMK Compatible

● 65% layout with offset arrow cluster and 3 key macro cluster
● 326mm x 112mm x 22mm
● Mass: approx. 620g (aluminium 0°, no pcb or caps)
● Mass: approx 850g (aluminium 0°, with PCB and caps)


The Mark: 65 is a no compromise 65% keyboard designed and produced by Boardsource. The keyboard is constructed from 3 separate pieces, each coming together to form a sandwich case with a gasket mounted plate. The fully assembled SMT PCB included in all of The Mark: 65’s kits is hot swap compatible allowing you to easily change out your switches as your tastes change or new switches are released. The PCB is also highly customizable, offering ISO/ANSI layouts with split shift, split space, and split backspace, all while maintaining hot swap compatibility. The back of The Mark: 65’s PCB features individually addressable and programmable RGB LEDs diffused by clear frosted polycarbonate allowing beautiful light to pass through.