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Durock Silent Linear 67g Daybreak

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The Durock Daybreak switches are 67g silent linear switches requiring a consistent 67g force to actuate and bottom out. Manufactured by JWK, the Daybreak switches are one of the more popular in the range. They are recolours of their 67g purple switches with many of the same characteristics, and added padding to absorb impacts of bottoming out and returns, with a consistent and smooth action through the actuation at 2mm down to the bottom out position at 4mm, requiring a consistent 67g of force from beginning to end. These switches come with a dark translucent top housing made of polycarbonate, a solid nylon bottom and a light blue POM stem.


  • Manufacturer: Durock/JWK
  • Type: Linear
  • Actuation: 67g
  • Bottom Out: 67g
  • Pre Travel: 2mm
  • Travel: 4mm
  • Mounting: PCB(5-Pin)

Sold in 10's. 1 set = 10 switches