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You can benefit from our extensive services that can help bring your ideas to life

Design & Production Services

Bespoke Keyboard Design

Got a keyboard idea you want to bring to life? From the case, to the PCB and keycaps, we can get it designed and produced. Whether for a one off, a potential group buy, a new product you wish to sell, or something else. Give us a message and we'll see what we can do.

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PCB Design

In need of a one off PCB design for a project? We can take care of that too! As long as you have the idea, we can turn it into a functioning PCB. Also includes PCB-A design and production for full assembly at the factory to remove or minimise the need for soldering.

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CAD Design

Keyboard cases and plates can be customised any way you want, from shape, to material and colour. Through CAD design we can design custom parts for you keyboard that are entirely unique to you.

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Custom Keycaps

Looking for a custom keycap design or colourway? As the most visual component of a keyboard, you might be looking for something that does not yet exist. Work with us to bring your keycap designs to life.

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3D Printing

In need of a custom 3D design printed? Our Bambu Labs X1-Carbon printer can turn your designs into a real physical item. Primarily used for printing custom cases or plates, but we're happy to extend our 3D printing services to anything you might created in a cost effective way.

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Laser Cutting

Our laser cutter can produce custom plates, foam, or any other objects that you wish to bring to life. It can also be used for engraving words, pictures or logos on various materials and items. Get in touch with us to see if we can get your designs cut or engraved. 

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