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Mechboards was founded by David and Ben when they were living together and looking for a project they could work on. Ben had a passion for ecommerce and marketing, David had a passion for mechanical keyboards and design. And just like that, Mechboards was born. The business had various iterations in the past, but they eventually settled on a mission. Bringing those hard to get keyboard parts, kits and accessories to the UK market, with fast shipping and great customer service. That was the goal when we started, and it's still our goal now!

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David - Owner/Director

Ben and I started Mechboards back when getting parts for a mechanical keyboard in the UK was impossible. I wanted parts for my then new Ducky Mini, and it spiralled from there. Mechboards has grown from fitting into a cupboard to a fully stocked warehouse with an incredible team. I've always loved the creative side of the niche and how it's also such a wholesome community. At work I use a Phase One 65% with Oil Kings and ePBT Less, But Better Keycaps, while at home I'm struggling to use a Sofle with Frog switches and WoB Tai-Hao Keycaps.

Ben - Owner/Director

I co-founded Mechboards with David many years ago. Back in 2012, it was just a fun project for us to do in our evenings. By 2017 it had grown into a legitimate (although very small) business. My focus has always been on the technical and marketing side of the business. The best part about working on a mechanical keyboard store is always having new things to play with! I currently daily drive a HS60 ISO in a Blade60 case with Purple Pandas, Durock V2 Stabilisers and KAT BoW keycaps.

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Corrie - Chief Operating Officer

I first discovered custom mechanical keyboards in 2017 when Dave and I worked together. This led to building my first keyboard when the business was still being run out of Ben’s bedroom. My first build was an OK60 in a frosted plastic case with Gateron Yellows and served as my daily driver until I joined Mechboards in 2021. I am the slowest typist in the business but enjoy the endless search of my end game switch. My current daily driver is The Mark: 65 by Boardsource with custom TTC Blueish White switches although I do have an itch for a new board with some smooth thocky linears. Outside of work I enjoy climbing up walls, running around in fields, going on spontaneous adventures (although that’s mostly done on OSRS) and playing with cars.

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George - Logistics & Customer Service

I joined the Mechboards team back in 2020 to help them with their warehouse duties. As an old gaming buddy of Bens, I was looking for a new opportunity at the same time they were looking for someone to help with the business. The stars aligned and I've ran their warehouse and customer service operations since! I enjoy getting to help people through our customer support system. I am currently using a nullbits Snap with Moyu Green Snake switches and blank keycaps.

Harry - Warehouse Assistant

Hi, my name is Harry! I joined Mechboards back in June 2021, as a part timer working 1 or 2 days a week. However, to the dismay of George I became a full time employee in October, making me the youngest member of the team! I spend most of my time packing orders and building keebs for the business, but also try to keep the other dinosaurs in the business up to date with the newest keyboard trends across social media. Outside of work I like bouldering, hiking and being comically bad at games like Hollow Knight, Valorant and Elden Ring. My daily driver is a nibble with Gateron lions, I wish I knew how good tactile switches could be back then.

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Hannah - Pre-Packer

While I spend most of my time in the office pre-packing kits, my biggest contribution is providing the office with an endless supply of doggos to keep the employees happy (I run a pet sitting business as well!). I started working for Mechboards back in 2019 because they needed help packing kits and I was literally the closest person. I would often be in the warehouse talking at Dave and Ben while they were packing orders, so they put me to work! I've been hand packing the component kits ever since! If I’m not out walking doggos/pet sitting, or watching Disney I’m normally here in the warehouse pre packing… and watching Disney. My daily driver is an 88 key, mix of black and white, on a Kawai cn32.. because I don’t own a computer my keyboard is of the more musical variety.

Elliot - Product Designer

Elliot is the Mechboards wizkid and helps us in designing and manufacturing new products. From PCB to case design and more, he does it all! Elliot is a recent addition to the team but has been part of the Mechboards community for many years.

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Tom - Support/Keyboard Wizard

Tom is our Mechboards superstar. You'll always find him hanging out in our discord helping people with their keyboard queries and problems. For the longest time, Tom was just member of the community helping people out of the goodness of his heart and his passion for the niche. But with how much he consistently helped us out, we had to make him a part of the team. Our community wouldn't be the same without him. Tom Daily Drives a Charybdis Nano with Durock lienars and G20 blank keycaps.

Leah Gina - Lube Lady

Hello, it is I, Leah the luber. I started lubing at home not so long ago but I have been made official just a month ago! I am so thankful I can see behind the scenes of a small, authentic business. I am able to learn, grow and enjoy the company of these real and lovely people. Who knows - maybe one day I will even like keyboards! Joking! I currently use a YMD75. I would love to see a rise in artistic resin designs and anime designed keycaps from small artists and creators. And of course, a rise in lube service orders! <3

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Ozzy - Good Boy