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Durock Black Lotus

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The Black Lotus switch is the newest creation from Durock, featuring brand new molds for the housing to create even tighter tolerances that results in significantly reduced wobble. The Black Lotus is a linear switch and features innovative and unseen before "detachable light column". It comes pre-installed to diffuse switch lighting, but can be removed easily by opening the switch up if you decide you don't want it. The top housing is made from modified PC and UPE blend, a modified long pole POM stem, and nylon bottom housing.

If you order over 50 Black Lotus switches (5 sets), you're eligible for a free "heavy space bar" variation! If you want one just leave a comment in the order notes requesting yours. We only have a limited amount so it will be a case of first come first served.


  • Manufacturer: Durock/JWK
  • Type: Linear
  • Actuation: 55g
  • Bottom Out: 63.5g
  • Pre Travel: 2mm
  • Travel: 4mm
  • Mounting: PCB(5-Pin)
  • Factory Lubricated: Yes

Sold in 10's. 1 set = 10 switches