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Kailh Box Thick Click Jade

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Kailh Thick Click Box Jade switches are a new approach to clicky mechanical keyboard switches designed in a collaboration with NovelKeys, giving a crisp click upon actuation and return. The clickbar sits across the length of the switch and provides a much nicer sound signature than a traditional clickjacket found in MX Blue-light switches. This particular variant has a slightly higher pitched sound signature compared the the Thick Click Navy, with a lower actuation force to pair. A polycarbonate top and nylon bottom house a POM box-style switch stem. These also make great fidget desk toys on their own.


  • Manufacturer: Kailh
  • Type: Clicky
  • Actuation: 50g
  • Bottom Out: 60g
  • Pre Travel: 1.8mm
  • Travel: 3.6mm
  • Mounting: Plate(3-Pin)

Sold in packs of 10.

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