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Kailh Low Profile Choc Switches (V1) - Brown

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Kailh Low Profile Choc Brown switches are lower profile versions of your classical tactile MX switches. The V1 Choc switches are only compatible with specific Choc PCB and keycaps. The V1 Choc Brown switches offer a similar feel and tactility to the Kailh Box Browns, but due to the low profile format have a lower actuation force and less travel distance. Despite the compact format these switches are still rated for over 50 million cycles.


  • Manufacturer: Kailh
  • Type: Tactile
  • Actuation: 60g
  • Bottom Out: N/A
  • Pre Travel: 1.5mm
  • Travel: 3mm
  • Mounting: Low Profile

Sold in 10's. 1 set = 10 switches