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Keychron V6

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Experience the Keychron V6, a mechanical keyboard that harmonizes customization and excellence, all at a wallet-friendly price point. Showcasing an ABS case and full size 100% layout, the V6 acts as an optimal introduction to the realm of top-tier keyboards for those who need all their keys! Its compatibility with QMK and VIA empowers you to comprehensively program and fine-tune the layout and LED arrangements to align perfectly with your preferences.

The Keychron V6 Includes:

  • ABS Plastic Housing
  • Hotswap PCB
  • Screw-In Stabilisers
  • USB-C
  • Option for Double-Shot OSA PBT Keycaps (including MAC & Windows)
  • Option for Keychron K Pro Switches
  • Steel Plate
  • Foam and Silicone Pad
  • South-Facing RGB LEDs
  • Programmable Knob


  • Width 140.55 mm
  • Length 447.85 mm
  • Front Height 19.44 mm (without keycaps)
  • Back Height 26.83 mm (without keycaps)
  • Feet Height 2.4 mm
  • Angle 3.5° / 7.05° / 9.52°
  • Weight 1350 ± 10 g (Fully Assembled Version)
  • Body Material ABS Plastic
  • Plate Material Steel
  • Polling Rate 1000 Hz
  • Mount Style Tray Mount Design