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MBK Legend Keycaps

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The MBK Legends Keycaps features two beautiful sets in different colourways. Glow keycaps have RGB friendly legends. Each kit includes laser engraved ABS keycaps that allows RGB lighting beneath each key to shine through. 

MBK Ergo/Ortho keycaps are not shine-through, but feature more layout options for ergonomic and ortholinear keyboards and are made of durable PBT material.

The kits include special homing keys to accommodate for the many different keyboard layouts like qwerty, dvorak, workman and colemak. Modifiers are available in both icon and text styles. Each kit also includes multiple 1.5u and 2.0u convex keycaps.

Glow Specifications:

  • Choc Switch Compatible
  • Material - ABS
  • Printing Process - Laser Etched
  • Spacing - Choc
  • Backlighting Compatible - Yes

Ergo/Ortho Specifications:

  • Choc Switch Compatible
  • Material - PBT
  • Printing Process - Dye-Sub
  • Spacing - Choc
  • Backlighting Compatible - No

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Andrew Atkinson
    great for lil58

    Got a great setup from this selection for a lily58. The quality is great, but it would be nice if a few more colours were present