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Class0413 (Standard) - Group Buy

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GB Date: May 6th - May 20th

Estimated Delivery to vendors: 3-4 months after GB ended

Welcome to MM Studio's latest creation, the Class 0413 Keyboard!

Drawing inspiration from the classic G80 0413 by Cherry, which introduced the iconic MX Black in 1984, MM Studio was captivated by its unique proportions and striking contrasting colour design. In a blend of heritage and modernity, the Class 0413 integrates the appearance of the original 0413 with the practical AT layout of the 0537.


  1. Top Case Options:

    • Users can choose from WK, WKL, and Arrow Key top cases to suit diverse preferences.
    • Whilst preserving the essence of the original 0413, the studio has made slight adjustments to the case width for better desktop fit and functionality.
  2. Weight & Badge:

    • The internal brass weight is fully utilised to optimise acoustic performance.
    • A brass badge, adorned with retro rivets at the corners, echoes the vintage aesthetics of classic keyboards.
  3. Colour Options:

    • The colour scheme is simple, focusing on harmonising with the case colours.
    • Bottom case colours include Retro White (coated), Ano Black, and Ano Silver.
    • Top case colours offer a variety, including Retro Grey (coated), E-yellow (coated), and several anodised options: Silver, Grey, Dark Gold, Sand, and Brown. Two additional colours receiving the most votes will be considered for future reference as per the attached PSD file in the Interest Check (IC).
  4. USB Port & Sound Features:

    • To authentically replicate the original 0413 series, the Type C daughter board is concealed within the case, with an extended USB cable.
    • A knob switch is designed for the buzzer and solenoid to enhance the retro feel.

Internal Structure:

  • The PCB is 1.6mm thick with no flex cuts, offering options for both Wired Hotswap and Wired Soldered configurations.
  • Supported layouts are versatile, accommodating both Hotswap and Soldered setups.
  • Mounting options include PCB Gasket Mount (supporting Plateless) and Top Mount.
  • Plate materials such as PC, Aluminium, Copper, and Brass are optional and not included in the standard kit.

Keyboard Specifications:

  • The case is made of aluminium.
  • Weight and badge materials are brass.
  • Dimensions are 460.1mm by 171.2mm by 39.7mm (LWH).
  • The typing angle is set at 7 degrees.
  • The keyboard weighs 4.95kg when unbuilt.
  • The sale will be conducted through a Group Buy.

MM Studio is proud to present this meticulously crafted keyboard, which seamlessly combines classical inspiration with contemporary design.

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