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Sesame Kit

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The Sesame! Alice like ergo keyboard using only THT parts. Created by kb-elmo and sold under licence.

Build guide here on imgur or the official one is in the GitHub repository

Kit includes:

  • Main PCB
  • Bottom plate made from PCB material (FR4)
  • Switch plate made from PCB material (FR4)
  • All electronic components*
  • Controller flashed with USBaspLoader bootloader
  • Brass standoffs and screws
  • Acrylic Cover

*please note we include 75ohm resistors in place of the 68ohm ones referenced in the build guide- they have been tested and work well.

**pay attention to the numbers on the blue capacitors- despite how the footprints look, the 104s should go next to the long sides of the atmega (large black chip), and the 220s should go next to the crystal (metal oval component)