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Sunset Tactile Choc (V1)

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The Sunset Tactile Choc Switches are being dubbed as "the first truly new Choc switch in years". The switch was born from a design by LowproKB - a company that specialises in anything and everything low profile and Choc - and manufactured by Kailh, the leading company in Choc switches. Using a newly designed tactile stem and a 40g spring, the Sunset switch is able to produce a nice tactile bump, and as it comes factory lubricated, is also exceptionally smooth.


  • Manufacturer: Kailh
  • Type: Low Profile/Tactile
  • Actuation: 40g
  • Bottom Out: 45g
  • Pre Travel: 1.49mm
  • Travel: 2.95mm
  • Mounting: PCB(5-Pin)

Sold in 10's. 1 set = 10 switches

Datasheet:  Choc Sunset Datasheet