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HS60 Hotswap PCB (V3)

(12 customer reviews)


Exclusive Hotswappable SMD RGB LED 60% Keyboard in ANSI, ISO, or HHKB. Supports QMK. Developed in partnership with Yiancar

NOTE: Fits MOST standard and aftermarket 60% cases. Fits ALL plates and cases that we sell for 60%.

Compatible with Screw-in or Clip-in PCB Mount stabilisers.

If you are using a metal case, you HAVE to tape over the middle standoff with tape or paper to isolate the metal case and PCB, otherwise 6YHB will register constantly. Use electrical tape, Kapton tape, or even just sellotape!

When using VIA or a keyboard tester program, FN and MENU WILL NOT REGISTER. This is normal. FN needs to be used with another switch, like FN+W for up. This will register. See HERE for layout and layer shortcuts. MENU needs to be used outside of the keyboard tester program, like your desktop. A small context menu will appear to show the key is working normally.




Compatible with VIA (web link) and QMK firmware. The PCB will ship fully complete, with all components in place.

USB-C connector


Q1: What about other layouts?

A1: We now have ANSI, ISO, HHKB layouts. We’re sticking with standard layouts for now, as we can’t add multiple layouts to the same PCB as the hotswap sockets can’t overlap. Trying to cover all possible layouts would be impossible so it’s standard for now. if there are enough people wanting other layouts, we may look into them.

Q2: What happened to the upside down esc and 1 keys?

A2: It’s due to the placement of the USB connector following the universal GH60 standard. The hotswap sockets can’t fit otherwise!

Q3: Is it difficult to collect all the parts needed for a full keyboard and to put it together using this PCB?

A3: Any other 60% case you find that has standard mount holes, and any standard plate, will work with this PCB

Q4: Does it have underglow?

A4: No, but you can add an underglow strip to allow for underglow.

Q4: Can I set the RGB?

A4: Yes! It comes with different styles as well as colour picker. QMK community is working toward a hosted software to do that as well but its still under development.

Q5: USB-C? or Mini

A5: USB-C!

Q6: Do i need diodes, resistors, etc?

A6: The board is fully complete and ready to go!

Q7: What spacebar size does it use?

A7: The ANSI and ISO versions use 6.25U, the HHKB version uses 7u.

Q8: I only see V2 firmware in QMK- which firmware do I use?

A8: V2 and V3 use the same firmware.

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12 reviews for HS60 Hotswap PCB (V3)

  1. vitvlkv (verified owner)

    Great PCB, very well built. Had no problems with installing it into the case as well as installing the switches. Works great. Recommend this product!

  2. simricard2 (verified owner)

    Really nicely built PCB. Everything was plug and play and the software to make changes to the layout is well laid out and easy to use. Highly recommended!

  3. Jan Rodan (verified owner)

    high quality PCB, QMK is easy to configure, hotswap is nice to have (for me).
    I love the possibility to add underglow LED stripes and configure it with QMK defaults.
    Via discord you can get anytime support.
    Only drawback: ESC+1 with the north-sided LEDs

  4. mpaskins (verified owner)

    Rated 5 stars as aesthetics, build quality, and VIA programming are top notch. If you’re not going to use backlit keycaps you wont find better!

    However i have a couple of complaints about the LEDs. Firstly, something to note, is that if you use a low-profile case then the bottom row’s LEDs are positioned in just the right place to shine directly into your eyes through a gap between the edge of the case and the plate!

    Also, having “Esc” and “1” as north facing whilst the rest are south facing means that you’ll never get consistent lighting on all of your keys, and the south facing LEDs means that you can only really use front-print or pudding keycaps with the backlighting. The former are rare, and i’m not a fan of the latter. It’s a shame as the RGB colours are great!

    Despite the above, I’m actually very happy with it. If you’re set on ISO like me, then there aren’t any options for PCBs with Hot Swap + Fully Programmable + Standard 60% layout + North LEDs.

  5. danielpetre (verified owner)

    The PCB looks very neat, its recognized by VIA without problems. Before you start it the first time you HAVE to wear sunglasses because the leds are very very very bright !
    I paired this pcb with a brass plate, acrylic case and zilents 🙂

  6. sasha.durron (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for ISO hotswap, this is it.

    Had no issues at all. Fits perfectly into the tofu case. I paired it with the MBUK ISO 60% Plate and put some foam (from kbdfans) between them. Added some weights and sorbothane to the bottom of the case and screwed the PCB in. Feels and sounds like I’m typing on a stone now. Simply beautiful.
    I added all my shortcuts, rebinds, macros with VIA. Easiest build ever. This PCB is truly plug and play.

    Great job!

  7. Elie Rakofsky (verified owner)

    Amazing board and even better customer service!

    There initially was a mixup where I got sent an ISO PCB instead of the ANSI I ordered but Mechboards immediately sent me a second PCB with tracked shipping, and also let me keep the ISO one at no extra cost. As to the board itself, it’s super easy to build with, works with VIA right out of the box, and seems to have good RGB options (although I’m just using a flat backlight myself).

    Great product, would definitely shop here again!

  8. Charles Corley (verified owner)

    Swapping out my switches is a breeze and I don’t have to worry abut soldering

    Even with ordering during a pandemic and living in the US it still arrived in a decent time period. With the quality being nothing short of great. The product overall is great with it’s well-rounded features. Even when you want some extra guidance through the ins and outs of the product you will more than likely find support in their discord. Well done worth the money.

  9. Stephan Dick Hediger (verified owner)

    I guess I will never have to buy another 60% board. This just does everything I need. Already bought a second one. 🙂

  10. dostioffski (verified owner)

    Great PCB, works with VIA out of the box and very easy to setup.

  11. Miika Järvinen (verified owner)

    Just what I wanted, an ISO PCB with hotswap sockets. There aint too many of those! The software works great too, way better than I thought. Ordered to Finland and shipping was fine. One hotswap socket came loose when installing switches, but I think that was user error, since I didn’t push on the back of the hotswap socket while installing switches. Was my first build, and I learn from my mistakes. Great product!

  12. Ben Hillier (verified owner)

    Completely amazing.
    Going to order another ISO one when they are in stock again.

    I have mine paired with a tofu case, zilents, zeal stabs and mt3 keycaps.
    Going to try some Gateron black ink switches next as I fancy going linear again. Hotswap for the win.

    VIA is so easy to use. Why isn’t every board like this. 110% recommend if you want a hotswap 60%.
    I don’t use or like RGB so if there was a version with no RGB I would buy that however its so easy to turn off in VIA.

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