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Kailh Speed Switches

(2 customer reviews)


Sold in packs of 10. 3 Pin Plate Mounted.



The Kailh speed switches from Kailhua are RGB and SMD compatible. These “Speed” switches have a lower travel distance and a higher actuation point. There are currently 4 different variations available:

Copper switches: Tactile, 40 g springs – 1.1mm +/- 0.3 mm in pre travel

Silver switches: Linear, 40 g springs – 1.1mm +/- 0.3 mm in pre travel

Gold switches: Clicky, 60 g springs – 1.4mm +/- 0.3 mm in pre travel

Bronze (New Pink) switches: Clicky, 50 g springs – 1.1mm +/- 0.3 mm in pre travel

Additional information

Weight .3 kg

Copper, Silver, Gold, Bronze, Pink

2 reviews for Kailh Speed Switches

  1. Domanic Calleja (verified owner)

    Long time laptop user just built a PC and jumped on the mech bandwagon. Bought a board with Gateron Blues and wasn’t particularly happy with the length of the throw and was looking for an alternative clicky switch which would be less fatiguing on my hands as I have to type a lot for work.

    Purchased a set of Kailh Bronze’s and they immediately felt like a premium upgrade, in relation to the gateron blues the stem is a lot more solid so keycaps don’t wobble quite so much, the click is sharp and comparable to the microswitches in mice and while the throw isn’t as short as the chicklets on my old laptop it is certainly shorter than the blues. Typing feels much less of a slog with them.

    I have made no modification to the switches and with the lightness that I type rarely hear the tertiary sound of bottoming out, just the primary and return click of the click bar.

    The only thing I would like as an improvement would be something with even less travel but these certainly do the job.

    Would recommend to someone of my level getting into mech boards who wants something that clicks.

  2. 05davies.will (verified owner)

    Got these to upgrade my Redragon K552 keyboard which had Outemu Blues, granted i had to trim each ping with some wire cutters because of the board being Outemu Compatible but either way, these switches are actually really good, a great feel and sound to them and the shorter press means that i tend to type faster because i usually just bottom out my switches when i type. Would recommend

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