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Corne (Helidox) Kit

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The Corne (Helidox) is a split keyboard with a 3x6 column staggered layout and 3 thumb keys, inspired by the Helix. Originally designed by the great 'foostan' in Japan.

All kits require soldering and 2 controllers, except the R2G (Ready2Go).
Switches and keycaps are not included.

Useful links
3D-Printed Cases
Case and Plate Foam
QMK Configurator
VIA Configurator
VIA Firmware
A wild Magpie explains the R2G

*Do not hotplug TRRS cables while your keyboard is powered as this can cause permanent damage.

Please see the specific version specifications below.

Version Specifications


A simple but elegant version of the Corne with surprising functionality and compatibility. A perfect option if you do not require LEDs or hotswap sockets.

This kit supports MX, ALPS, Choc v1 and v2 switches, in both 3 and 5 pin.

Compatible with both SMD and through-hole diodes.

The PCB has a breakaway portion, meaning you can make it 3x5 column. *The inclued FR4 case does not support this layout. If required, please get in contact and we can laser cut an custom acrylic one.

Kit Contents
PCB (Light 2.0)
FR4 Case
Through-hole Diodes
OLEDs & Acrylic Covers
Reset buttons
TRRS Jacks
TRRS Cable
Screws and Standoffs
Rubber Feet

Build Guide

MX Hotswap

Our most popular version of the Corne. Featuring support for Kailh MX hotswap sockets, with per-key and underglow RGB.

Both 3 and 5 pin MX style switches are compatible.

Kit Contents
PCB (MX Hotswap V3)
FR4 Case
SMD Diodes
MX Hotswap Sockets
3.5x3.5mm Mini-E LEDs
5.0x5.0mm LEDs
OLEDs & Acrylic Covers
Reset Buttons
TRRS Jacks
TRRS Cable
Screws and Standoffs
Rubber Feet

Build Guide

Choc Hotswap

Our most popular version of the Corne. Featuring support for Kailh Choc hotswap sockets, with per-key and underglow RGB.

Only Choc v1 switches supported.

Kit Contents
PCB (Choc Hotswap V3)
FR4 Case
SMD Diodes
Choc Hotswap Sockets
3.5x3.5mm Mini-E LEDs
5.0x5.0mm LEDs
OLEDs & Acrylic Covers
Reset Buttons
TRRS Jacks
TRRS Cable
Screws and Standoffs
Ruber Feet

Build Guide
This uses the same guide at the MX hotswap V3, the only difference being the type and position of Kailh hotswap socket.

R2G - MX Hotswap

Our premium series of PCBs, your easiest entry into the world of custom ergonomic split builds. The Ready2Go Corne has everyting pre-solderd, including Atmega32u4 MCUs baked right into the PCB.

Per-key RGB and underglow
Frosted Acrylic Backplate
Type-C USB
MX hotswap sockets
Pre-flashed with QMK VIA firmware

Supports both 3 and 5 pin MX style switches.

Kit Contents
Pre-soldered PCB (R2G MX V1)
FR4 Plate case with Frosted Acrylic Botom
Acrylic OLED Covers
Screws and Standoffs
TRRS Cable
Rubber Feet

Build Guide

Default QMK VIA Firmware

Additional Notes
Please do not hot-plug the TRRS cable while the PCB is conntected ot your PCB. This can break things.

Corne (Helidox) FAQ

Can I change or upgrade the controllers on the R2G?
The MCU controllers on our R2G kits are baked onto the PCB. This means they are unable to be removed or upgraded.

Does the R2G support Choc switches?
No, currently we only have an MX version on the Corne R2G. A choc version is planned for the future.
We can offer our assembly service for the Corne Choc (v1) hotswap kit.

I would like to make my keyboard Bluetooth.
To achieve this you will need to choose Nice!Nano controllers. We are currently unable to provide batteries, more information can be found on Nice!Nano page.

What controllers should I choose?
Pro-Micro | QMK
Best value for money. A good place to start for your first build. Doesn't play nicely with C to C cables.

Elite-C | QMK
Premium option featuring a strong USB-C mid-mount, with extra pins and better bootloader.

Elite-Pi | QMK | KMK | CircuitPython
The controller with room for activities! Featuring an RP2040 MCU, this has much more memory for firmware features. Relatively new on the scene. Drag and drop bootloader.

Nice!Nano - ZMK
A development board with Bluetooth and onboard battery charging circuitry. Requires a 3.7v lithium rechargeable battery. Better for advanced users.

Can I use a different controller for each half of my build?
We always recommend using a matching set of controllers for your build. Mis-matching some controllers can cause compatibility issues.

Do you offer an assembly service?
Yes, details can be found on this page.

How many switches do I need?
The 3x6 column Corne requires 42 switches. All our switches are sold in packs of 10, so you would need 5 packs.

What keycaps can I use?
For MX builds, a good place to start would be our DSA split blank set.
Most standard 60%+ MX keycap sets will 'work' but you may end up with some mismatched profiles and legends.

For Choc V1 builds we would recommend either MBK Glow (for RGB) or MBK Ergo (for non-RGB).

How do I flash my controllers?
Please see your specific controller page for more details. Just send us a support message if you get stuck.

Can I use the Nice!view?
Our PCBs don't currently support the nice!view as they require an extra pin.

Should I socket my controllers and OLEDs?
If you are willing to take on the extra cost, we will always recommend to socket your controller. (Especially when using the Nice!Nano)

It means in the unlikely event your PCB or controller dies, you can swap them out or re-use them in new kits.

To achieve this, you would need the following items.
2x Machine Pin (Controller) Sockets
2x OLED Hotswap Socket
2x Mill-Max Socket Pins (or you can use through-hole diode legs as a cheap alternative)

Where does the name Helidox come from?
This was Dave and Cody's (from Keyhive) name for the Corne before we worked out what it was really called. They were two of the first vendors to sell the Corne in the English-speaking world!

Fun fact - our pet Magpie has built over 500 of these, with a few left over for customers...