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Royal Kludge RKM75

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Royal Kludge RK75: This 75% PC gaming keyboard provides all the features of a full-size keyboard, while saving 25% of the space. With 81 keys, its sleek design makes it the perfect boutique equipment for gamers and office users.


OLED Screen and Knob: Equip your setup with the latest features, including an OLED screen and rotary knob for easy operation. Track battery level, switch mode, and adjust volume with a single knob.


Triple Mode: Connect your device with USB-C wired mode, 2.4G wireless, or Bluetooth 5.1. Easily switch between up to 3 Bluetooth connected devices. Hot-swappable Switch: Compatible with 3/5-pin hot-swappable, you can customize the switches without soldering. The linear fast silver switch provides accuracy, prevents false touches, and offers long-term stability.


RGB Backlight: Experience 18 RGB backlight modes, 8 monochrome modes, & full-colour backlighting.