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121 Piece Blank PBT Keycaps

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Blank PBT keycaps + ISO Modifiers for any MX Keyboard.

The keycaps are made of durable PBT, and the thickness is about 1.5mm.

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Excellent quality

I was a little bit afraid of this one as there are not many pictures to judge the product from, especially there is not even a picture for the dark grey set.
But I'm happy to report the quality of this set is outstanding. Obviously it's a little bit easier with the caps not having any legend, but still, the texture of the caps is excellent, there is no manufacturing excess or any faults on any of the caps. The dark grey set is roughly a #313131 color (unfortunately we can't upload pictures here) if you would like a rough idea.
Has ISO enter key and all the other modifiers you would need for most keyboard layouts.
Using it on a Keychron Q1 iso