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60% Wireless Hotswap Barebones

£40.00 GBP
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This 60% barebones keyboard is an incredibly cost efficient option for those looking for a custom keyboard to build and mod without soldering. It hosts a plethora of features, including 2.4ghz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, per key RGB LEDs, a hotswappable PCB and more!


  • 2.4ghz wireless
  • Bluetooth
  • 1500mAh battery
  • USB-C port and cable
  • Hot-swappable PCB
  • Per-key RGB LEDs
  • Plate foam
  • Factory lubricated plate-mounted stabilisers

All you'll need is switches and keycaps for a fully functional custom keyboard. With some minor modding (we recommend the tape mod, some extra case foam and some more stabiliser lube) this little kit can sound and feel as good as products 3 times as expensive.


Please Note: Switches and keycaps not included!