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Boardsource Lulu - Group Buy Extras

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Kit Options:

Case Kit:

lulu case kits are a 'bring your own PCB' solution, as the lulu case is compatible with legacy Lily PCBs already on the market. Case kits include:

  • 2x (L and R) Aluminum Upper Pieces (color combinations listed below)
  • 2x (L and R) Injection molded polycarbonate Lower Pieces (color combinations listed below)
  • 2x OLED Cover Clear
  • 2x OLED Cover Clear Frosted
  • 2x OLED retention plugs used to retain the OLED cover in the case
  • 2s (L and R) Sound Dampening Material (between PCB/Plate)
  • All necessary assembly hardware (color listed below)

lulu Case Color Combinations (listed by aluminum color):

Silver: Silver Aluminum / Clear Lower Pieces / Silver Hardware

Space Grey: Space Grey Aluminum / Clear Lower Pieces / Silver Hardware

Charcoal: Charcoal Aluminum / Smoke Lower Pieces / Black Hardware

Maroon: Maroon Aluminum / Ultem Lower Pieces / Silver Hardware


Tenting Kit:

Tenting kits are an optional add-on to the lulu ecosystem. Tenting kits allow your board to be angled away from your desk (from the middle) in various angles. Tenting kits for the lulu include legs to tent your case at 10°, 15°, and 20°. Tenting kits are offered in all three polycarbonate colors Lower Pieces are offered in allowing users to color match or intentionall mix and match their builds. Tenting Kits Include:

  • 2x (L and R) 10° Tenting Legs
  • 2x (L and R) 15° Tenting Legs
  • 2x (L and R) 20° Tenting Legs
  • All necessary mounting hardware (Clear/Ultem include silver, Smoke includes black)


Encoder Kit:

For users who wish to add rotary encoders to the lulu build, we have designed a custom Encoder Kit for the lulu which fits the case seamlessly. The lulu SMT PCB offered during Group Buy has rotary encoder support in two locations, directly beneath the OLED location on each half. By default that location has a hotswap socket to accept a key switch, so the rotary encoder kit is completely optional. If you have a Lily PCB already in your posession you plan on using with the lulu case, it is reccomended you still purchase this kit an de-solder your encoder and install this one instead. The custom designed knob for the lulu is using the 'D' shape connection, and the rotary encoder component is a specific height to make each piece work properly. The rotary encoder footprint on the lulu SMT PCB is the standard encoder footprint. NOTE: Users must solder the rotary encoder component onto the PCB themselves, it is NOT installed during SMT assembly and is an optional kit.

Rotary Encoder Kits Include:

  • 2x (L and R) Rotary Encoder Plugs
  • 2x Rotary Encoder Knobs
  • 2x Rotary Encoders


Extra Lower Piece Kit:

In order to ensure smooth production and viable fulfillment, color combinations of Cases and Lower Pieces in Case Kits are defined. In order to allow customers to customize their board further we are offering the ability to purchase additional Lower Piece Kits during GB.

Extra Lower Piece Kits Include:

  • 2x (L and R) Polycarbonate Lower Pieces


Group Buy Format

The lulu GB is limited to 1,000 case units. If the limit is close to being met, we will notify customers via Discord and give as much notice as possible. If/when a limit is met, we will close the GB. We will potentially open a 2nd Round GB shortly thereafter with a later fulfillment date. This allows us to give all customers a reasonable expectation of delivery dates.

Other Notes On Options:

  • The OLED-S listed in the kit configurator will give you 2x OLEDs, one for each half. The OLED-S sold by Boardsource (and supplied to proxies) has male socket headers pre-soldered to the OLED, this allows for solder-less installation to the lulu SMT PCB. The lulu SMT PCB has female sockets soldered to the PCB during SMT assembly.

Does the kit come with a PCB? The base lulu Case Kit does not come with a PCB, you must either purchase a lulu SMT PCB offered in the Configurator, or supply your own Lily58 PCB. The case is compatible with Legacy Lily58 PCBs so long as they maintain support for the standard Liily58 case.

Can/is the lulu be wireless? The lulu SMT PCB offered during assembly is not wireless. However, because the lulu Case Kit is compatible with legacy Lily58 PCBs, you can use a Liily58 PCB compatible with nice!nanos in order to make the keyboard wireless. We do sell al necessary components in order to do so :). The case does work with the standard 'battery under the controller' strategy, there is enough clearance.

What kits do I need to buy to have a complete Lulu? This depends on what a 'complete' lulu means to you -- if you currently do not have a Lily PCB, then the minimum viable items you'd need to purchase is a Case Kit and a lulu SMT PCB. Tenting kits, Encoder Kits, Lower Piece Kits, and OLEDs are optional add-ons. Please refer to the list above for a detailed description of each kit option.

Will any of the kits be available after the group buy? Yes, it is our goal to stock the lulu after the Group Buy. Having said that, entering the GB is by far the fastest and also the cheapest way to get the exact configuration and options you want. lulu items will be available post-GB anywhere from 2-4 (approx) months after initial GB fulfillment, and it is not a guarantee that all kits and colors will be available initially. Additionally, if a 2nd round GB is opened shortly after the first closes then it will of course push the 'in-stock' date further into the future.

Do I have to solder anything to make it look like the photos? All kits offered during the lulu Group Buy except for the Rotary Encoder Kit require no soldering to be done by the user. Rotary encoder kits include two rotary encoder electrical components. These components must be soldered onto the PCB. Generally speaking this is a very very easy soldering job. By default this location on the PCB has a hotswap socket soldered in place during SMT assembly. Soldering the rotary encoder in place does not require the user to de-solder the hotswap socket.

  • Weight: 242 g (base case only)
  • 162mm x 126mm x 22mm
  • 5 x 6 x 4 split key layout
  • tenting kit includes 10° 15° & 20°
  • Encoder kit contains 2 sets ( one for each side)
  • Per-key RGB lighting
  • Underglow
  • Hotswap (Kailh)
  • OLED Compatibility
  • Tenting Options (10°, 15°, 20°)
  • Rotary encoder support (1 per half)
Kit Options
  • Case Kit: 2x aluminum top (w/ integrated plate), 2x PC lower pieces, 2x clear OLED cover, 2x frosted clear OLED cover, all necessary hardware
  • Tenting Kit: 2x 10°, 2x 15°, 2x 20° tenting legs, all necessary hardware
  • OLED Kit: 2x rotary encoders, 2x encoder plug, 2x knob
  • Extra Lower Piece Kit: 2x lower pieces in selected color
  • Lulu Pcb
  • Lulu Base-Space Grey
  • Lulu Base-Maroon
  • Lulu Base-Silver
  • Lulu Base-Charcoal
  • OLED Screen-S
  • Mx Switches