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Chaosera Cupid65 - Preorder

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Orders must include a kit. DOES NOT include switches or keycaps. Don't forget an amazing wrist rest, too!

LIMITED NUMBERS. Once all kits are sold, they will be sent to us. 

You can buy Extras HERE

Basic information

Layout: 65%
Structure: Traditional gasket mount
Connection: Dual Mode  Wired / Bluetooth
Battery capacity: 4000mAh
PCB: Via-compatible, full RGB, hotswap, with flex cuts

Length: 33.3cm

 Width: 13.1cm

 Front height: 2.1cm

 Back height 3.3cm

Typing angle: 6.5 degrees

The weight of the kit (including all accessories such as the keyboard bag) is 2.7KG, and the weight after assembly is 2.5KG.
Case material: 6063 aluminum alloy
Surface finishing: Anodizing/Electroplating/Powder coating


  • Standard: PC plate(Compatible with PCB Mount Stabilizers)

Additional: PC plate(Compatible with Plate Mount Stabilizers)

  •           FR4 plate(Compatible with PCB Mount Stabilizers)
  •           Copper plate(Compatible with PCB Mount Stabilizers)

     You can buy Extras HERE

    Standard Kit Contains Items:

    • 6063 aluminum case + power supply seat block × 1
    • Titanium decorative sheet + base × 2
    • Cupid copper badge × 1
    • PC plate(Compatible with PCB Mount Stabilizers)× 1
    • Hotswap PCB × 1
    • Poron PCB foam × 1
    • Poron case foam × 2
    • Switch pad、Switch fifilm × 1
    • Silicone gasket ×10
    • Silicone connecting column ×10
    • Rubber feet × 2
    • 4000mAh lithium battery × 1
    • 2.25u custom keycap × 1
    • Custom keyboard packaging × 1