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KBDFans Tofu60 2.0 - Group Buy Extras

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Welcome to the Tofu60 2.0! The original Tofu60 sold more than 40,000 units across the world since it was introduced back in 2017, but as the niche continues to grown and evolve, so must the Tofu!

The biggest changes to the Tofu60 2.0 comes in the form of mounting styles. Where as the previous version was limited to tray mounting, the 2.0 comes with three options for mounting! Top Mount, Silicone Bowl Gasket, and Silicone Socks Gasket.

Along with the Tofu60 2.0 case, you also get the Tofu60 2.0 PCB. The PCB supports both QMK and VIA, multiple layouts, is hotswap, and has multiple flex cuts along the 1.2mm PCB for maximum flex! Please note that the 60% does not have RGB backlighting or underglow as it supports multiple layouts.


  • Aluminium Case - (Anodised and Electrostatically Coated)
  • Multiple Plate Choices - (Polycarb, ALU, FR4, Carbon Fibre)
  • Hotswap PCB - (QMK & VIA Support)
  • Brass Weight - (Transparent E-Coating After Sandblasting)
  • Multiple Mounting Choices - (Top Mount, Silicone Bowl, Silicone Socks)
  • Flexible PCB - (Multiple Flex Cuts, 1.2mm Thickness)
  • USB-C Port & Daughter Board
  • Length: 294.7mm
  • Width: 115.7mm
  • Front Height: 18.5mm
  • Back Height: 32.5mm
  • Angle: 7°


  • Aluminium Top & Bottom
  • Plate
  • Hotswap PCB
  • USB-C Daughterboard
  • Brass Weight
  • Screws
  • Silicone Bowl
  • Slicone Socks
  • Bottom Poron
  • Plate Poron
  • EVA Switch Pad
  • Cherry Screw-In Stabilisers
  • Rubber Feet

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