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Keychron Q1

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The Keychron Q1 Barebones is a 75% keyboard with a double-gasket design. This innovative design improves the flexibility and adds to the overall typing experience. Combined with new silicone pads between the case contact points the Q1 V2 provides a very pleasing typing sound with no "pinging" when typing.

The Q1 V2 barebones is one of the most premium quality keyboards you can find in its price range. A product that is perfect for both beginners and enthusiasts, with a level of customisability rarely found in a product so easy to put together. With QMK and VIA support you can easily customise your layout however you want it.

    The Keychron Q1 Includes:

    • Aluminium Case
    • Hotswap PCB
    • Screw-In Stabilisers
    • Type-C to Type-C Coiled Aviator Cable
    • Type-A to Type-C Adapter
    • Option for OSA ABS Shine-Through Keycaps (including MAC & Windows)
    • Option for Gateron G Pro Switches
    • Steel Plate
    • Foam and Silicone Pad
    • Gaskets
    • South-Facing RGB LEDs
    • Option for Programmable Knob
    • Switch Puller
    • Keycap Puller
    • Screwdriver
    • Hex Key


    • Width 145 mm
    • Length 327.5 mm
    • Front Height 21.6 mm (without keycaps)
    • Back Height 34.8 mm (without keycaps)
    • Feet Height 2.4 mm
    • Angle 5.2°
    • Weight 1600 g ± 10g (the fully assembled weight)
    • Body Material Full CNC machined aluminum
    • Plate Aluminum
    • Polling Rate 1000Hz

      Keychron Q1 V2
      UK ISO Layout
      A fully customizable 75% layout mechanical keyboard with QMK / VIA support

      Keychron Q1 V2
      Keychron Q1 V2

      Double-Gasket Design

      The Double-Gasket Design is an innovative structure within the industry. Alongside the gaskets on the plates, we have incorporated silicone pads between the top and bottom cases. This significantly reduces the resonance between the metals, thereby decreasing the noise caused by metal impacts. The Double-Gasket Structure maintains the flexibility of the gasket system while enhancing the overall typing sound quality.

      Keychron Q1 V2 Gasket Example
      Keychron Q1 V2

      Powered By ARM

      Introducing an all-new ultra-low-power ARM MCU architecture, boasting 128K Flash memory, providing developers with enhanced flexibility. The keyboard features an exceptional polling rate of up to 1000 Hz straight out of the box, ensuring minimal latency for competitive gaming.

      Programmable Knob

      Designed to elevate your creative process, the premium rotary encoder allows you to effortlessly customise your favourite keys and macros using the innovative VIA software.

      Keychron Q1 V2 Knob

      You can effortlessly customise the knob to your preferred key or macro commands, such as zooming in/out, adjusting screen brightness, brush size, opacity, volume, selecting video clips or photos, or changing the backlight hue.

      OSA Profile ABS Backlight Shine-Through Keycaps

      Enhance your typing experience with the Q1 ISO version, featuring our unique OSA profile (OEM profile with a spherical angle) and ABS backlight shine-through keycaps. These keycaps are designed to offer a more comfortable fingertip feel and an impressive backlight shine-through effect.

      Keychron Q1 V2 Windows or MAC

      Swap Between Windows & MacOS

      Designed with Mac users in mind, yet fully compatible with Windows devices, the Q1 stands out as one of the few keyboards offering a Mac multimedia key layout for Mac enthusiasts. Using VIA software, you can easily configure your keymap for both Mac and Windows systems.

      All-New Screw-In PCB Stabilisers

      The screw-in design enhances stability and simplifies changes and upgrades. Precision craftsmanship ensures the stabilizers are more secure and less wobbly. This results in a more stable and smooth typing experience for larger keys (space bar, shift, enter, delete). The Keychron Q1 V2 also supports third-party stabilizers, including Cherry and Durock.

      Keychron Q1 V2 Stabilisers