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Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB

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The Freestyle Edge RGB is the first split mechanical keyboard designed specifically for gaming. It was engineered with input from serious gamers to meet the strictest standards for quality and design. An adjustable 20” braided cable links the key modules to give you unparalleled freedom to customize your rig.

LTT video from 2017 showing non-rgb version


Move the right module out of the way for one-handed FPS play or split the modules apart place your HOTAS or stream mic between the two halves for incredible convenience. For maximum typing comfort, simply split the two modules to shoulder-width and angle them slightly to achieve a neutral wrist angle. There is no wrong way to set up the Freestyle Edge, just dial in your favorite configuration for the ultimate desktop freedom


  • 20″ Split (Hidden storage compartment stores excess cable)
  • NEW- 16.8M Color Per-Key RGB Backlighting
  • NEW-  10 fully customizable Lighting Effects: Freestyle, Monochrome, RGB Wave, RGB Spectrum, Pulse, Loop, Rebound, Rain, Breathe, and Starlight
  • Genuine Cherry MX RGB Mechanical Switches
  • Fully-Programmable with the SmartSet Programming Engine (No software or drivers)
  • 9 Customizable Profiles (Layouts & Lighting)
    • NEW- Enhanced layout with Escape position over tilde and an extra programmable double-wide Game Key
    • NEW- More powerful macros- up to 100 per layout and custom or random delays
    • NEW- Tap-and-hold key actions so each key can support a quick tap action and a separate press-and-hold action
    • NEW- Multimodifier tokens for the “Hyper” and “Meh” keys
    • NEW- Colemak layout support
    • NEW- Momentary Fn key (Toggle option)
    • NEW- 9 Game Keys
    • Multimedia Controls
  • NEW- Detachable Palm Supports with premium cushioned Palm Pad. Soft thick foam supports your wrists during extended sessions the quick-glide surface won’t slow you down, and the sweat-resistant surface ensures maximum durability.
  • NKRO Mode
  • Game Mode
  • 9 Programmable Game Keys
  • Braided Cables
  • NEW- SmartSet Programming App (Windows & Mac)
  • 1MS Response Time
  • 100% Anti-Ghosting
  • 4MB Onboard Memory 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

very good keyboard in theory but it has the squeakiest key springs you can imagine. Idk if that's fixable or what but it was genuinely unpleasant to use after a while

Lift Kit is great

Initially it was an odd experience but after a short while of using the lift kit, I am now just as comfortable as when I wasn't using the kit.