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Kiser Monorail 40% Kit - Group Buy Extras

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The Monorail V2 Skeleton Kit is easy to assemble (no soldering needed) and sports a variety of layouts and mounting options.

The Monorail Keyboard Skeleton Kit gets you a ready-to-run V4N or Minivan. This is an FR4 Skeleton Kit that supports Hull or Tray mount, with or without the half-numrow. All Black, with all three Monorail layout options. Includes everything you need except switches, stabs, and caps.

Hull mount (four 10mm standoffs on outer edges) yields maximum typing flex and a softer typing feel. Or use the Minivan-case-compatible Tray-mount locations for a sturdy assembly and a traditional feel. You can remove the four Hull mount points by snapping them off. Further, remove the half-numrow for the classic 4-row Minivan form factor, utilizing either Hull or Tray mounting styles.

You can upgrade your build down the road with any available Tray-mount, Hull-mount, or V4N case. The Hybrid plate included in this skeleton kit is drop-in compatible with many existing and future V4N and Minivan cases.

  • Kailh Hot-Swap sockets

  • 12x RGB underglow LEDs

  • 3x Indicator LEDs

  • 3 places to choose where to put an (1) Encoder

  • Removable half-numrow

  • Hull-mount or Tray-mount using brass standoffs

  • Standard Minivan and V4N4G0N layouts

  • Case-compatible with many existing and future cases

  • Pre-flashed with Vial firmware: source at KiserDesigns/Monorail (

  • Headers/pads for more RGB, I2C peripherals, and a UDB JST connector

Each Kit includes:
  • 1x Hotswap Monorail V2 PCB

  • 1x Hybrid Monorail Plate

  • 1x Monorail Skeleton Base

  • 3x Red LEDs

  • 8x 5mm standoffs (Tray mount)

  • 4x 10mm standoffs (Hull mount)

  • 24x M2x4mm screws

  • 6x Bumpon feet

What you need:
  • Screwdriver

  • 52x MX-compatible switches

  • Stabilizers

  • Keycaps

Customer Reviews

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Love it!

Awesome little keyboard,love it! Good layout options, easy to build and remapping keys in Vial is very easy.