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MOMOKA Focus Keycaps - Group Buy Extras

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Group Buy Information:
Group Buy Start Date: 17th April 2023
Group Buy End Date: 17th May 2023
Estimated Shipping: Start of August 2023


Introducing the latest keycap set designed by the talented Amamiya Kana – the FOCUS Keycap Set!



Drawing inspiration from the perfect blend of vintage aesthetics and modern functionality, the FOCUS Keycap Set pays homage to the recent trend of retro-styled digital cameras from leading brands. The design concept centers around the iconic Leica camera, known for its timeless design and masterful craftsmanship.



The FOCUS Keycap Set features the classic German DIN typeface, a standard that dates back to WWII. With a focus on showcasing camera functionality, this set beautifully merges elements from both the computer and camera domains. For example, the top F-row keys represent aperture values, the screenshot key resembles a landscape mode, and the Fn key shares a striking similarity with the continuous shooting function icon on cameras.



In addition, the Shift key has been thoughtfully designed in various lengths to correspond with different focal lengths of camera lenses. This subtle touch adds an extra layer of depth to the overall design.



While seemingly simple at first glance, the FOCUS Keycap Set is a product of immense dedication and creative exploration. We are grateful for the continued support of Amamiya Collection fans, which has allowed the series to reach its third volume. Keep an eye out for the upcoming group buy and don't miss your chance to own this unique and stylish keycap set!


165 Keys

Molding and Dye-Sublimation