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NIBBLE 65% Kit

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The NIBBLE is a low-cost, high-quality ANSI+ISO 65% keyboard kit with tons of room for user customization. Inspired by keyboards like the Plaid or Discipline, the NIBBLE uses a Pro Micro, rather than a discrete microcontroller. This saves assembly time, and also reduces the build difficulty, since components like the USB connector are difficult to solder by hand. The NIBBLE has more programmable keys than a standard 65%, and allow for multiple layouts. Find info HERE

*Please note both kits come with a black encoder knob.

Included in our kit:

  • PCB, FR4 Bottom Plate, & FR4 Switch Plate
  • Top & middle acrylic pieces
  • 1N4148 axial diodes, column driver ICs & sockets, 0.1μF decoupling caps, reset switch
  • WS2812 RGB underglow & BIG RGB LED
  • Rotary encoder with colour-matched Kilo knob
  • TRRS Jack for numpad expansion