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SPIN Macro Pad Kit

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What is it?

The SPIN Macro Pad is an external keypad that is made to help with workflows where you want analog control, such as photo or video editing, or for those who just want to mess with encoders!


  • USB-C connectivity
  • Powered by QMK Firmware
  • 12 Kailh Cherry-MX hotswap sockets
  • Three rotary encoders with encoder knobs
  • All SMD components pre-soldered. Plug and Play! No soldering required.
  • Three zone RGB underglow
  • Prototyping area with unused pins broken out
  • Support for the addition of a 0.91″ I2C OLED 

Included in kit

  • Top and Bottom PCBs, pre-soldered.
  • 3 Encoder Knobs
  • 3mm Acrylic Cover
  • Screws, Standoffs, & Feet

Not included

  • Keycaps and switches (switches must be 5-pin PCB mount style if using sockets since there is no plate)