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Switch Tester

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Our switch testers come with a 3x3 holder, along with a choice of Cherry, Gateron/Zealios, Kailh Box or Custom switches. Keycaps NOT included with the custom tester.

Cherry Tester: Cherry black red brown blue clear white green Linear Gray Silver

Gateron Tester: Gateron black red brown blue white yellow green Zealio 78g Tactile Zealio 65g Zealio Tactile

Box Tester: Box Heavy Dark Yellow, Box Heavy Burnt Orange, Box Heavy Pale Blue, Box Black, Box White, Box Brown, Box Red, Box Navy, Box Jade

Custom: Add 9 Switches of your choice to the order notes. Double-check that we have them in stock first, or you may have to wait a while for us to order them in! (Please note that we do not currently stock Zealios switches for the custom tester, they are only available re-packed with the Gateron/Zealios tester)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Excellent delivery as always- the fact that you put the switches in yourself allowed me to customise the way I wanted them.

Overally a brilliant switch tester, however I was disappointed by the tolerance of the acrylic housing the switches are placed in. they do not stay in well due to a very weak hold on the switch, so moving the holder is a pain sometimes and I wish the switches would stay in when I press them.

Cracking switch tester

Ordered a switch tester with a custom selection of switches, and it was at my door less than 48 hours later. The piece of acrylic is great quality, and holds the switches well enough that they more than likely won't fall out, but are easy enough to remove.

Does exactly what I needed

Ideal for testing switch types before committing to a full set. My housing was a little bit loose but I rotated the switches 90 degrees and they sit snug although that’s completely not a big issue if you’re throwing them into a board to see how they sound.

I like a tactile switch, but also found some linear switches that felt really nice which was a nice surprise.

Worthwhile if you’re unsure of what kind of switch you would like!