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The Rotr - GB Extras

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Keycaps and switches are not included, the case and knob are sold separately.
Please note images provided are renders and may differ slightly from the finished product. 

The ROTR is a 3 button macro pad with the best rotary encoder ever seen. The 3 person team at Polarity Works worked almost 2 years to bring it to life, this is the last macro pad with a knob anyone needs. Drop some switches into the minimalist anodized aluminium housing, connect the usb C connector and the ultra bright RGB lights blaze into life and you’re ready to go!

The knob mechanism is designed by us from the ground up, using a pair of Japanese NMB bearings to float a precision machined steel shaft underneath a beautifully anodized and tactile knob. Underneath the shaft sits a magnet and under that some air. The only contact between the knob and the shaft is through the bearings. is means there is no notchiness, no clicks and almost no resistance. You can spin this knob by blowing on it gently! If greater resistance is desired there is the provision to put magnets in the knob to allow for eddy current braking. This has previously been used on Japanese shinkansen and German ICE3 high speed trains. The resistance can be varied through 12 levels by varying the position of the magnets, and it doesn’t make a difference to the silky smooth nature of the mechanism. Knobs are available in copper, brass, and aluminium in both silver and black.

The ROTR is also fully wireless and fully programmable, using a custom flavour of the up-and-coming ZMK firmware. This allows for the capabilities of the ROTR to be fully utilised. We’re also actively working on improving the firmware, and take feedback in our discord on new features to add. With a driverless, softwareless bootloader and our all online build chain customising the ROTR is a cakewalk. There is also expansion built in to the board, with 5 I/O pins, an SPI bus and the data out for the WS2812 chain all exposed on the board allowing you to significantly expand the ROTR if you so desire.

There are two varieties of the ROTR, the main and the lite. The ROTR lite integrates the exact same mechanism however uses a more minimal stacked carbon fiber construction, making the knob more prominent. Due to the material properties of the carbon the eddy current braking does not work on the ROTR lite and as such we advise you do not purchase the magnet kit for a ROTR lite as it’ll be useless.

Once you’ve got your ROTR and want to set it up and customise it you can find the documentation here ROTR Guide and tips and our discord if you need other support.

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It was a little awkward to assemble the knob but a great piece of kit once assembled