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Idobo 75 Key Ortho Hotswap Kit

£80.00 GBP £125.00
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Das Idobo 75Keys ist ein ortholineares Tastaturset aus Aluminium, das fast alles enthält, was Sie zum Bau einer funktionierenden mechanischen Tastatur benötigen (Schalter und Stabilisatoren sind separat erhältlich).

Customer Reviews

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Really nice and solid, if a bit tricky to source keycaps

Really nice solid, heavy case, everything screws together fairly easily although I ended up using some silicone rings to keep everything tight, especially around the USB-c port which looked like it could come loose if you're unplugging a lot. RGB looks really good; standard QMK coding gives you lots of flexibility although there's a learning curve there. Board seems stable enough; it's needed unplugging a couple of times when specific keys stopped working, but overall nothing too bad. Hard to get keycaps for though; I ended up with two sets the grey/yellow YMDK ones you see here, which are cheap but do the job, and a set of XDA pixel art ones from Tokey which look really nice on and have a 3u spacebar that can be fitted with a little bit of effort since you can't fit stabilisers (I'm using a heavy duty center switch, and then two switches either side with springs removed and it feels ok, but still tilts a little if you hit it off-center). Now if I could just find a couple of nice XDA 2u keycaps that would fit so my fat fingers would stop missing the return key...