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Carte PCB échangeable à chaud HS60 V3

£70.00 GBP
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Le HS60 est un PCB 60 % hotswap avec tout ce dont vous avez besoin prêt à l'emploi ! LED et broches par touche orientées vers le nord pour une compatibilité sous-lumineuse afin de vraiment faire briller votre clavier et vos commutateurs.

Port USB-C
Prises remplaçables à chaud Kailh
Options pour ISO, ANSI ou HHKB
Aucune soudure requise

STM32F303 - Bras Cortex Noyau M4

Compatible QMK et VIA

Type de prise
USB Type-C

Longueur - 285 mm
Largeur - 95 mm
Épaisseur - 5 mm

Mises en page compatibles

Compatibilité des cas
Points de montage standard à 60 %

LED RVB par touche orientées sud
Options pour les bandes LED Underglow (nécessite une soudure)

Obligatoire pour compléter (ISO/ANSI/HHKB)
Commutateurs x62/61/62
Touches x62/61/62
Stabilisateurs 2u x3/4/2
6.25 Stabilisateur x1
60 % boîtier et vis

Liens utiles
Configurateur VIA

VIA le micrologiciel
Configurateur QMK
Boîte à outils QMK
Guide de sous-éclairage

Veuillez noter :Le firmware n'a pas changé par rapport à la v2, vous constaterez peut-être qu'il s'appelle HS60v2 une fois branché.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
A great PCB for new builders, especially since it has hotswap!

I love this PCB, I put together my first 60% keyboard with it that I have been using for a few months.
It works well and I set up a few custom layers with my own programmed QMK layout.
You could use VIA.

I put this together with;
,- HS60 Hotswap PCB V3 - ISO (from Mechboards)
,- Moyu Green Snake Switches by JWK - Linear 5-Pin (from Mechboards)
,- Durock Screw-in Stabilisers v2 - Clear (Lubed with Krytox 205g0) (from Mechboards)
,- Botanical Double Shot Cherry Profile - ISO Layout (from Amazon UK)
,- 60% Universal ALU Plate - Gold (from Mechboards)
,- 60% Bamboo Enclosure Case (from Mechboards)

One problem I had out of the box, I was testing keys with VIA and it was shipped with the wrong firmware? It was showing up as a different keyboard.
This could have been an issue with people that have never built a keyboard before.
(In the Discord they said some PCBs where accidentally flashed as Odins at the factory.)

I had a split keyboard before this that also used QMK so I knew how to change the firmware so it was not an issue for me.

If you want to see some a YouTube short or some Images then checkout @kyleirelandtech on YouTube or Instagram and other places such as Twitter.

just what i wanted

very happy with this. easy to build and good options for layout (i like a split r shift). easy to customise layout and RGB with VIA (by default there was no light to indicate capslock, which confused me at first)

N.B. takes a 7u spacebar

Not perfect but pretty close

ISO layout
I got this since I didn't want to solder and it's worked pretty great. My only gripe is the LED location since they don't shine through the keycaps, except for the Esc and 1 key where the LED and switch socket is flipped. Otherwise well built and haven't had any issues.


Second one purchased I've pirchased, great product


Works as it should