Cherry MX Green

Cherry MX Green

Cherry MX Green

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Sold in packs of 10.
  • Clicky
  • 80g Actuation Force
  • Cherry branded
  • Plate mount (3-pin)

The heavier clicky switch by Cherry, this offers a much stiffer spring than Cherry MX Blues with the same clicky sound and minor tactile feel.

The Cherry MX Green switch is a heavier variant of a Cherry MX Blue, offering a similar tactile bump and sound to that of its lighter sibling. These have an 80 gram actuation force, with about 2.2mm of pretravel. As is typical with clicky switches, lubrication is not recommended as it may dull the click or tactile feel. These have been tested for >50M keystrokes. Uses a plate mount, 3-pin design and is compatible with 3mm LEDs.

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