Cherry MX Tactile Grey

Cherry MX Tactile Grey

Cherry MX Tactile Grey

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  • Tactile
  • 80g Actuation force
  • 110g Bottom Out force
  • Genuine Cherry switches
  • 5-Pin

A stiff, tactile MX switch, these are one of the three “grey” switches from Cherry. These have a higher bottom out force than most, coming in at 110g.

The Cherry MX Grey switch is a switch designed for use in keyboard space bars, and comes in three flavours - tactile, linear and clicky. These tactile variants are described as similar to Cherry MX Browns in tactile feeling, with the higher actuation force of 80g adding to the tactile feedback, and are sometimes used as the switch in Cherry MX Brown keyboards thanks to the stiffer spring. These have a pre-travel of 2mm and a bottom out distance of 4mm, in line with other Cherry switches.

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