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Quefrency Kit

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The Quefrency Kit – created by keeb.io – used under licence from keeb.io

A split 60%/65XT FR4 case build  – Layout Options

Kit Versions:
Rev 2 - Requires Soldering (60%)
Rev 5 (R2G) - Solder-Free Hotswap Build (65XT Layout)

Rev 2 Includes:

  • Black PCB's
  • Black FR4 Plate Case
  • TRRS Jacks & Cable
  • Reset Switches
  • Screws/Standoffs & Feet

Rev 2 requires 2 controllers, a USB cable and around 70-80 switches (depending on what layout).

Rev 5 (R2G) Includes:

  • Pre-Soldered Hotswap Black PCB's breakable into 65%, 60%)
  • Black FR4 Plate Case
  • USB-C Connector Cable
  • Screws/Standoffs & Feet

To complete this kit you need to purchase a USB-C cable, 70-80 switches (depending on what layout) and optional rotary encoders.

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